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Your vision, our expertise.

Enviromntal Servces

We offer a rational and deliverable advice for your ESG requirements.

Our services include:

 Conduct comprehensive sustainability audits to evaluate current practices.

  Develop customised sustainability strategies and action plans.

  Identify key areas for improvement and provide recommendations.

  Devise stakeholder engagement strategies, fostering

    collaborative relationships for collective impact.

  Design and implement communication campaigns to raise awareness of

    sustainability initiatives.


Bold Futures utilizes innovative and industry-tested Circular Waste Management Models for the management of waste and delivery on zero-waste strategies and solutions.

Our innovations and offerings include:
  Zero-Waste Solutions
  Commercial & Industrial Waste Recycling
  FOGO and Biomass Services
  Material Recovery Services
  Waste to energy solutions

Bold Futures is heavily investing in technologies that are pushing the boundaries of today’s industry status quo. We engineer technological solutions with environmental impact creating opportunities in Australia and beyond.

The following services are offered:
  Sensor-based connected waste management
  Detection of waste materials using image processing
  Digital platform enabling clients to capture, collect, store and analyse data;
  Cost, Carbon and ESG reporting and auditing
  Technology integration
  Public education and engagement programs

We are committed to helping our partners and businesses by facilitating and accelerating the transition to a circular economy by advising and implementing effective strategies and solutions for cleaning and waste management.

  Inspired innovation
  Take a fresh look at your products and processes and reinvent them to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage
  Differentiated strategy
  Respond to changing customer needs, improve resource efficiency and identify opportunities in the circular economy
  Reduced impact
  Optimize your operations to cut waste and improve resource efficiency
  Effective communication
  Keep investors, customers, and other stakeholders informed about and supportive of your sustainability journey



Bold Futures is committed to advancing the field of facilities management through the lens of sustainability. With a firm belief that the future of facility management lies in sustainable practices, we craft solutions that harmonize operational efficiency with environmental responsibility. Our approach is integrated and holistic, focusing on every aspect of facility management from energy efficiency to waste reduction, ensuring our clients' facilities are not just efficient, but also green.

Bold Futures' sustainable facilities management services encompass:

  Comprehensive energy management strategies, focused on reducing energy        usage and carbon footprint

   Comprehensive energy management strategies, focused on reducing energy usage, carbon footprint and certification;
   Water conservation techniques aimed at reducing water usage and managing wastewater effectively;
   Implementation of sustainable procurement policies to ensure environmentally friendly supply chains;
   Implementation of green cleaning practices to maintain indoor air quality and reduce environmental impact;
   Environmental programs, e.g. hygiene and infection control;
   Events management, staff and volunteering services;
   Academic/Commercial partnership with major universities to explore further innovative solutions;
   Nano-coatings technology focusing on lifecycle management as well as environmental savings.

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