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The Leadership Team.

Decoupling economic growth from resource consumption requires a circular transformation of our societies.  Our team of expert consultants can help you implement holistic solutions that unlock new circular opportunities and enhance value.

Dr Abbas Elmualim.png

Dr. Abbas Elmualim

Principal Partner

Abbas is a passionate sustainability leader with a proven track record in architecture, engineering and construction for the Sustainable Built Environment with acumen, drive and tenacity in project management, CSR and stakeholder engagement and management. With an extensive higher education and industrial experience, globally and in the UK, Australia and the UAE. He has worked globally and travelled extensively with cultural sensitivity and diversity celebration resolve. Abbas has a thorough understanding of the sustainability trajectories driving the construction and built environment industries – across the supply chain – including sustainable facilities management and the Circular Economy. He is well versed and has a deep understanding of current and future trends that impact the provision of education, training and employment in areas of sustainability, globalisation, and the gig-economy.

Badi Mahabat.png

Badi Noble

Principal Partner

With almost 20 years of experience in business and operations, Badi has worked as a business and risk manager with American Express and has worked across Asia, London and South Africa before coming back to Australia to work as the Senior Marketing Director of Integrated Marketing ANZ for SAP. Since exiting the corporate world, he has run a number of successful businesses. Badi's core focus areas include ESG strategy and competitive advantage; climate change, circular economy business models; traceability and transparency across the value chain; executing, embedding, and scaling complex sustainability transformation programs; and harnessing digital technologies and analytics to enable sustainability. He focuses on advising clients in strategy-driven business transformation, operating model development and cross-functional performance improvement. He has extensive expertise across a number of industries, including transport, industrial products and services, distribution and healthcare and is currently serving on multiple boards. With his extensive experience in finance and business, he advises businesses in corporate transformations, full potential programs, cost and operational turnarounds and large-scale change efforts to implement circular economy best practices.

Natasha Sarooshi1.png

Natasha Sarooshi

Head of APAC

Natasha's focus is to create, empower, drive and sustain. As a global educator, her 27 years experience in the education sector has spanned four continents from leadership and policy development to higher education and large scale community engagement initiatives. She initially worked in teaching and training in universities and companies before moving on to management, curriculum development, advisory and project lead roles. Directing a large educational institution in Sydney along with its 5 national subsidiary campuses, Natasha led the strategic as well as operational components of the organisation with teams of educators, administrators and managers. The success of which then led to an expansion internationally. Natasha has extensive experience in initiating, designing and developing start up projects, from conceptual through to operational. These have involved the development and implementation of policies and procedures with a focus on compliance and excellence. Her 15 years of working abroad in Europe, Asia and North America has allowed Natasha to evolve an empathetic approach with a deep cultural understanding and sensitivity to all people, places and organisations that she encounters. Natasha holds a Masters of Education from the University of New South Wales.

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